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Welcome to HeartNET!

This website is currently being trialled as part of a research project being conducted by the Heart Foundation and Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia.

It has been designed to provide a means of communication for heart patients, carers, friends and family. HeartNET is a unique website which allows you to interact with other members of this newly formed "heart community". You will be able to read and contribute to the discussion boards, chat with others online, send private messages, read the latest heart-health tips, and swap recipes and other information.

If you are one of our registered research participants, please login using the username and password supplied to you. If you would like to register please follow the prompts on the left.

It must be stressed that any discussion on medical matters and rehabilitation must be treated with caution. There has never been two cases of cardiovascular disease that are entirely identical. One patient's experience is never the same as an other's. Any medical or health-related information which HeartNET members might seek to rely upon should be discussed with their physician before making any changes to health behaviours.

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